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Who We Are

Practice Transition & Project Funding Specialists
5th  Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists is a leading merger & acquisition firm with deep roots in providing 100% financing to Dentists, Veterinarians, Ophthalmologists, and Plastic Surgeons with an impressive track record. In addition to medical and dental transitions, we supply competitive venture capital and private debt / equity financing for Real Estate Development & Acquisitions, Start-Ups, Major Commercial Development Projects and more.
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Dental & Medical Practice Transitions. . .

When you partner with 5th Avenue Acquisitions and our Venture Capital group, you benefit from over a decade of financial and operational experience, broad industry knowledge, and a powerful network of financing relationships. Through an integrated approach, we work closely with Dental and Medical professionals around the United States to deliver flexible acquisition and capital solutions. The power of a partnership with 5thAAVC.com means we strive for better practice transitions, flexible financing for buyers, and shared success.

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What We Do

That’s perhaps the key question that drives our daily decisions: not just who we can serve, but who we serve BEST?
Venture Capital and Project Funding Specialists. . .
We serve eager entrepreneurs, ready to gain necessary capital for their start-up, and turn their vision into a reality.  We serve seasoned developers seeking funding for a new commercial project, or the acquisition of stabilized commercial real estate.  We help companies finance major oil and natural gas mining initiatives through private and bond project funding options. . .
Regardless of your debt / equity needs, we have competitive, private funding options to help you realize your vision or project goals.
Our Significant Heritage of Medical and Dental Practice Transitions. . .
We also serve open minded Doctors and Dentists who want to make a change. They may want to sell their practice or buy a practice, but they have one thing in common, they want things to get better. That’s what we do. We take a situation that has promise and connect the right relationships to turn it into a dream come true. The interests and passions of the seller & buyer drive us.

How We Work

100% financing & Venture Capital

Are You Challenged With Getting Financing?
We understand and can help with:
  • Tailor-made financing
  • Longer repayment terms
  • Office improvement, and expansion
  • Business debt consolidation
Flexible terms and repayment options, that will move your business forward and will help you get things done on time and within budget.